Nicola Dickens


Yocan Evolve Plus Limited Edition Concentrate Pen

Yocan Elvolve Plus Limited Editio eyeballs e-pen limited edition Purchased ay Little Amsterdam Smoke Shop in Suprise Arizona I clean my crucibles by soaking them in Everclear for 10, rinsing thoroughly and drying overnight before use. WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: GOOGLE +: Free My Cure FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: P.O. Box […]

White Widow Concentrate Review from @W.A.M.

White Widow hails from Brazilian Sativa Landrace and a resin heavy South Indian Indica, with THC levels between 18-25% with CBD 1% and CBN 1%. White Widow is one of the most infamous strains bred in the Netherlands in the 90’s and has been visited the shelves of most European coffee shops since. With White […]