Dave & Quin

Thursday 14 Feb

Thursday 14 Feb Happy Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration, we’d like to introduce #ShowUsYourBoxThursday, or #WysOnsJouDoosDonderdag! Hehehehe… All will be explained in today’s show! Grab your partner, roll them a joint, it’s 4:20pm and it’s #DQCentralShow time!
Wednesday 13 Feb

Trim your Bud Wednesday

So Quin is still a bit miff about that early morning harvest. This Wednesday we’ll be continuing last week’s episode, and you can see how we trimmed that monster! It’s 4:20pm on a Wednesday, roll that joint, spark that mofo up, #DontLoadshitYourself, because it’s #DQCentralShow time!
Tuesday 12 Feb

Know your Rights Tuesday

Let’s bring some light into the darkness… It’s 4:20pm on a loadshedding Tuesday, we’ll be talking about how SAHPRA plans to clamp down on CBD and cannabis sellers. Roll that joint, light it up, it’s time for #DQCentralShow!
Wednesday 06022019

Harvest Wednesday

So Dave got Quin up somewhere around 2.30am to harvest this beeeyooootiful Lemon Cheesecake. Grab the bong, roll the joint, hit that vape, it’s Harvest Wednesday on the #DQCentralShow! Lets go cut some Dagga down!!!
Friday 01022019

Friday Strain Review

It’s 4.20pm on Fri-YAY and it’s #DQCentralShow time! Today we’ll be reviewing an awesome strain, in 4 minutes and 20 seconds! Get that joint, blunt, bong, edible or dab rig ready! It’s #DQCentral time…