Hey Buds, this channel was an idea I had, what with the new laws coming to Canada, with regards to the legalization of Marijuana. I wanted to try and create a platform, where those who might be less familiar with marijuana, can come and get very basic reviews on different strains, products, and applications. I am in no way a product expert or connoisseur, but will put in the time to try and give a very general review, with proper research and application, into the item being displayed. I will be trying everything I review (tough job right), and give my opinion on the effects to possibly help you in your future purchases. I'd love for this to be a discussion as well, to know how you liked the particular items being shown on the channel. So light 'em up and lets have some fun! FYI I'm aware of the low audio issue on some of the video's, finally found a mic solution to fix that moving forward!
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Blunt Breakdown- The Cannabis Stigma

Despite the legalization, medicinal benefits and safer side effects than others legal drugs, cannabis still gets a bad rap.  So I decided to get high and rant a bit.  Cannabis isn’t for everyone, but for some it makes life a bit easier to get through.  So let’s try and fight the stigma and educate before [...]

Skywalker OG Strain Review

Watch this review, you must, for he force is strong with this strain.  Does Skywalker OG pull you towards the light, or does it send you to the Dark side?  Find out in my latest strain review. Make sure to “like” this video and subscribe for more content. Had a different take on the Skywalker [...]

Is Canada buying less Legal Cannabis?

Stats Canada just released the sales numbers for Cannabis Stores across Canada. There was an increase in sales, but are the numbers telling the whole story? Find out n the Blunt Breakdown. As mentioned at the end of the video, Mental Health awareness programs are raising money for those in need. Check out the links [...]
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Review of God’s Green Crack

Is God’s Green Crack all its… um… cracked up to be? Well I raided the big guys stash to bring you this review. Be sure to watch and find out. Be sure to check out my guest appearance on Rookie Reefer Review’s page here: Thanks for watching, make sure to like and subscribe!! Twitter: @BudzDope [...]
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My Review of Purple Haze

One of the more popular named strains, here is my take on the affects of the Purple Haze Strain. Be sure to comment below, your experience with the strain as well. Was it different, or a similar buzz? Twitter: @BudzDope Instagram: @Dope.Reviewz.With.Budz