I like to record and edit videos. Hmm what else ? I’m also a Cap ♑️ Who enjoys cannabis and does acting sometimes.

Peace From The East PODCAST Episode 2 // Davonraymond

Hello Guys ! Welcome to episode 2 of Peace From The East podcast ! Today’s episode Takes you through my mental health journey with cyclothymia and my relationship with cannabis 🙂 please do comment below sharing your mental heal journey , thoughts on therapy and cannabis as medicine ! See you in the next episode [...]

The tale of My Snake Bites // Davonraymond

Hey guys!!! So a few Days ago I decided to take THE PLUNGE! Jk but I was thinking about switching Things up for a while and Ive Always been interested in piercings so I’m very excited to share with you my experience so far with snakebites poercings 🙂 As always, Peace From The East!

Pax3 UNBOXING // Davonraymond

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Instagram and I’m so happy to be unboxing this with you guys!! a review Will be coming soon, while you wait I do have a fresh episode of Peace from the East Podcast ! Just for you! Here on TWT also on YouTube!

Vlogmas 23 // Sicko Mode

hey guys, today is going to be a short video because I am truly not feeling well so I am going to Netflix it up and try to feel better, by the way there is only one more day to enter the giveaway on vlogmas day 13!