The Dagga Couple (a phrase coined by the South African press) are preparing a case to apply for the opportunity to ask some very simple questions in the highest court in South Africa, The Constitutional Court. How come this benign, useful, non toxic, non lethal plant has lead to the persecution of so many people, in so many countries, for so long? In August 2010, we had a very heavy handed visit from the South African Police Service (SAPS) who, acting on a tip off, raided our property in search of a ‘drug lab’. What they found was a quiet middle aged couple in their pyjamas and a quantity of Cannabis Sativa (aka Dagga). We were arrested after a five hour ordeal in our kitchen, jailed, and because we had more than 115g of the substance, were charged with dealing in Dagga. We were subsequently granted bail and released. We have always known Dagga is illegal, just like millions of other South Africans who chose to break the law every time they use the plant. We have done no harm to ourselves by ingesting the plant, and more importantly, we’ve done no harm to anyone else. As far as we can see, the only harm that comes about from using the plant is when the police arrive and treat Dagga smokers as guilty scum.
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The Hotbox Show Ep71 Ft Trophy Seeds

Episode 71 of the #HotboxShow is coming your way at 7pm. We’re planning to take another look at Canapax and the Bojanala Medical Cannabis Cooperative (BMCC). We’ll have a BMCC dispensary owner from Oudtshoorn in the studio to explain how the co-op operates and how so many branches are springing up nationally. We’ll also have [...]
The Hotbox Show Ep70 Ft Cannapax-1280×720-TwT

The Hotbox Show Ep70 Ft Cannapax

It’s showtime! On tonight’s #HotboxShow we have all sorts of local content to talk about in another packed episode. We’ll discuss the latest party pooping drug regulator memo, and we’ll be chatting to the owner of a medical dispensary operating openly on social media for all to see. Other profound topics include sticking cannabis up [...]
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The Hotbox Show Ep69 Ft Greendalph

On tonight’s premiere South African Cannabis culture show we’ll be asking the burning question… “did the Hawks just get R120million from the Medicines Control Council to bust the online weed community”. Studio guest Tony Tritus will also be updating us on the Cannabis Development Council of SA (CDCSA) and the roll out of medical research [...]
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The Hotbox Show Ep67 Ft #420clan

On this evening’s #HotboxShow we have as guests the #420clan who’ll be in studio to tell us all about their 420 friendly online directory. Interesting times! We’ll also be catching up with Dagga Party leader Jeremy David Acton in Cape Town as he prepares to launch his #HotboxTheHouse election campaign. Other interesting snippets to keep [...]
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The Hotbox Show Ep66 Ft Bioleaf Technologies

The Hotbox Show Ep66 Ft Bioleaf Technologies It’s Thursday – It’s #HotboxShow time. This week’s studio guests are Bio Leaf Technologies, distributors of grow mediums and of Luxx Lighting and i-Grows led cultivation lights. They will be explaining the art of grow lighting and telling us all about their awesome #CaliforniaDreaming trip to the USA! [...]
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The Hotbox Show Ep65 Ft Dana Larsen

On the first #HotboxShow of 2019 we’ll be joined on Hangouts by Canadian activist and author, Dana Larsen He’ll be chatting to us about his ‘Overgrow Canada 2019’ campaign and giving us an update on how Canadians are doing after just over one year of legalisation. Other profound and earth shattering news includes university weed [...]
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The Hotbox Show Ep64 ft Aaptwak

Join us for our end of 2018 #HotboxShow special tonight from 7pm live and unpredictable on YouTube and Facebook. On this week’s episode we have East Rand collective Aaptwak Foundation in the studio for a blaze sesh and a chat about their #CannabisExpo experience. They were as busy as we were for the four days. [...]
The Hotbox Show Ep63 ft Zol Barbie-TwT-1280×720

The Hotbox Show Ep63 ft Zol Barbie

Tonight’s #HotboxShow is a bumper Expo edition with studio guest Alessya Brookes Zol Barbie and friends. The show will go live from 8pm to give the crew time to get back from the Expo in Pretoria which will be the theme of tonight’s show. We’ll also be crossing live to Jules & Myrtle at a [...]
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The Hotbox Show Ep62 ft Nico

On tonight’s #HotboxShow you can expect another packed agenda and a studio full of interesting guests. Jules & Myrtle are at the UN in Vienna so expect a live link with them and a studio guest with a really heartfelt and astounding arrest and release story. Other stories to amaze and delight you include what’s [...]
The Hotbox Show Ep61 ft Charl @ JoinTheQ-TwT-1280×720

The Hotbox Show Ep61 ft Charl @ JoinTheQ

It’s #HotboxShow time once again with a packed studio and a packed bowl or two. Tonight’s guest is Charl from the JoinTheQ Arrest Hotline. He’ll be giving us an update on how the ConCourt judgement has affected the cops and the arrest stats. Other profound subjects on the show include self cleaning bong juice, do [...]