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Let’s Make Some Munchies!

When I’m stoned I often reach for granola bars to munch on and satisfy my sweet tooth. Well I saw this recipe for “energy bites”.. or I’ve called them energy balls (because I’m so mature) and I was like YUM! It’s like a granola bar in a ball. What You’ll Need: 1 cup rolled oats […]

Creative Things To Do When You’re High

Have you ever been high and got that spark of inspiration to create something? But maybe you don’t think you’re creative or have the skills. Well in this video I’m going to suggest easy ways you can get high and DIY. Want More Ideas? Read My 11 Creative Things To Do While High Blog Post […]

1 Girl and 4 Unique Bongs (Including a Plasma Bong)

One of my fave things about using cannabis is all the cool pieces there are to smoke from. So in this video I’m sharing with you my four most unique bongs in my collection My mason jar bong from Glass Lung (available here and use the code “Crafter” for 10% off) My ceramic bong […]

Youtube Deleted My Channel – Let’s Open HBC Club’s Old School Essential Pack, Get High and Talk About It

Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed that my YouTube channel has been deleted. I’m disappointed that YouTube is censoring cannabis users and labeling us as people who are promoting dangerous acts and drug abuse. My heart hurts for all the other cannabis-related content creators who have had their livelihood and years of hard work deleted even though […]
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