Peace, welcome to CannaTrends, founded on May 1st 2017 as pharos start-up´s channel on youtube. CannaTrends provides you the latest trends in the cannabis branch and we are really focussed on disruptive technologies, great innovations and a open start-up mindset. We also share great ideas of entrepreneurs, talk with investors and show how hemp and cannabis can help to make the world a better place. If you have a great idea or trend you want to share - get back to us on youtube, vimeo, theweedtube and facebook Boris Wakounig

cannabis beer

High, cannabis beer is totaly inn these days. Let´s talk about the innovation and some new brands. Please share this video, subscribe for the channel and hit the like button. Links: Contact Boris: Homepage: LinkedIn Facebook:

Vertical Cannabis Cultivation

High Folks, LED, aquaponics and now vertical gardening – these are the total new trends in cannabis cultivation and will change the industry within the next years. In this video I´ll talk about vertical cannabis cultivation and it´s pros and cons. Links: Contact Boris: Homepage: LinkedIn Facebook:


High, in this summer talk I am shortly talking about my motivation in cannabis and why I think that Canada is the best place to start a weed business. Also I am appling for Evan Carmichael´s workshop in Torono, hopefull to get the opportunity. Have a great summer time… Links to Evan Carmichael: […]

what is cbdoken?

High, CBDoken is cbd in a tokenised form – it´s a voucher to buy, sell and trade CBD. Of course there are some more usabilities like smart-contracting and a transparent price and also a lot of questions to discuss… Links:… Contact Boris:

aquaponics and cannabis cultivation

Hi Folks, Roland Birner, shop-owner at plants4friends gives us a short introduction into aquaponics. Aquaponics could be a new growing trend – you have more yield, need less ressourcess and can grow without being at home for longer time. Peace. Links: Contact Boris:

1st cannabis accelerator started

Great news from America: – First Cannabis accelerator started – Canada legalised Marijuana – Paragon Coin launches accelerator soon Bad news from Europe: – Europe has a weedout – Frankfurt stock exchange eliminates cannabis companies – Flovery Fields moves production to Italy Links: Contact Boris:

German blockchain startups

Legal medical marijuana in Germany is changing the markets. New cannabis startups want to disrupt the industry using blockchain. Let´s see what they do… MedPayRX Jibbit Contact Boris:

Why is blockchain so important for cannabis?

Hi Folks, blockchain and cannabis are both disruptive and booming tech´s… But why is blockchain important for cannabis and how can it be used? Channels on vimeo, theweedtube and youtube Contact Boris:
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