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Hello WeedTube! My name is Zach and I live in Portland, OR. I\'m a Budtender at a local dispensary and have a media background and wanted to incorporate that into cannabis ? So alas, Cannabis Daily! I\'m excited for what the future holds and can\'t wait to see!
TT – Linalool & Humulene

Terpene Tuesday – Linalool & Humulene

What up again WeedTube fam!! DISCLAIMER: I hit my dab in this video like a little whimp. I’m not proud of it.. ANYWHO, got another Terpene Tuesday coming at ya; this weeks I went over Linalool & Humulene two great and fascinating terpenes. Make sure to leave a Like if you dig it, and Comment […]

5 Things That Upset Your Budtender

What up again my WeedTube Family!! Had this video on my mind lately and finally was able to put it together! Every job has its ups and downs, even selling weed. Haha. Don’t forget to leave a Like an Comment on the video if you enjoyed it <3 . My Other Socials: YouTube: Twitch: […]

Review Wednesday – M.A.C. by Meraki Gardens

Whatup again to my homies here on The WeedTube!! This weeks installment of Review Wednesday’s I reviewed MAC grown by Meraki Gardens here in Oregon. Enjoy!! Make sure to follow their Instagram!! . My Other Socials! YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Review Wednesday – OG Pie Breath by PDX Organics

What up again WeedTube!?! This installment I reviewed the strain OG Pie Breath by PDX Organics, a great Indica/Hybrid available here in Oregon. They’re a farm that defiantly deserves some time in the spotlight! . My Other Socials: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

RW – Davey Crockett (Live Resin) by Oregon Genetics

What up WeedTube! Back at ya with another Review Wednesday! This one I looked at Davey Crockett, a Live Resin made by Oregon Genetics here in.. well, Oregon. Lol. Make sure to follow them on Instagram!! . Make sure to follow my other Socials! YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Terpene Tuesday – Pinene & Caryophyllene

Hello again to my friends here on The WeedTube! <3 In this installment of Terpene Tuesday I went over Pinene and Caryphyllene, two very unique terpenes in their own ways. Enjoy! Also don’t forget to Subscribe if you enjoyed the video! . My Other Socials: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Terpene Tuesday – Myrcene & Limonene

What’s up WeedTube!? I wanted to start a educational series where I discussed common Terpenes found in Cannabis. In this one I went over Myrcene & Limonene, the two most commonly discussed terpenes. . My Other Socials: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Review Wednesday – Dogwalker BHO by Dr. Jolly’s

What up again WeedTube! Hope we’re all nice and stoned upon reading this <3 In this video I went ahead and reviewed a BHO from Dr. Jolly’s; the strain was Dogwalker, and Indica Hybrid; a fantastic one at that! Enjoy and hope you’re smoking along! <3 My Other Socials: YouTube: Twitch: Twitter: […]
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