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Vlogmas December 1st

Not such an eventful beginning for my vlogmas, not to mention it’s a few days late… I’m so sorry, this is finals week for me and I’m also working two jobs so filming, editing and uploading these is really hard this week. I hope you enjoy. I have couple more vlogmas uploads today to make [...]
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Glass Blunt Review (Treetop Glass US)

If you’re in need of a convenient portable smoking device for a great price,or you’re looking to cut back on your tobacco habit, this $8 glass blunt from Treetop Glass US is perfect for you! Be sure to check them out: Instagram: @treetopglass_us Website: TreeTopGlass.us

Rabs Dabs: Stankee Dankee Extracts Review

Happy Halloween (little late, I’m sorry!) Taking some tasty dabs of Banana Cream OG, Isis Kush, and Blue Cookies all from the wonderful Stankee Dankee Extracts (@stankee_dankee_extracts on Instagram). Definitely go check them out, all the extracts I tried blew me out of this world! Super tasty, hard hitting stuff right here!

Cannabecca’s Resolution Gel Review

Thank you to everyone who’s watching this video and supporting me. I hope to make many more weedtube videos. Follow me on Instagram to see much more content & stay updated! @cannabecca The resolution gel works incredibly quickly on my glass pieces, and is so easy to use! 12/10 from me! Here is the link [...]