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Another Day, Another Life, In Skyrim

Helpful Time Stamps: 9:42- Music Stops 13:26- Gameplay Starts Music Through Out The Stream: WELCOME TO THE SQUAD! I have always loved the Elder Scrolls Series, but Skyrim, has to be my all time favorite! From the open world atmosphere to the sounding music to your ears, THIS GAME HAS IT ALL. As many [...]

I Was Higher Than High When I Got 14 Elims (Fortnite on PS4)

And Then After This I Got 16…But Of Course That Didn’t Record… Oh Well. Then I Got High…Again The End! ————————– WELCOME TO THE SQUAD! Subscribe for more content! Social Media Links: Vaping Instagram: Gaming Instagram: Twitter: Take A Listen! Gaming Podcast: Spotify:… Apple Podcast:… Where I Stream? Twitch: [...]

I’m Writing Prisoners

I started this around the holiday season this year and I’m very excited to see what’s coming my way. This isn’t for everyone but if you would like to make an impact on someone’s life who is currently incarcerated check out the website below to get started. As of right now I have wrote to [...]

SMOANT Rabox Mini 120W Vape Unboxing

FULL REVIEW COMING SOON! If you like this kind of video where I do the unboxing and the review in 2 different videos instead of 1 let me know. Personally I really enjoyed this. If you loved this video give it a like! Subscribe to my channel for more content! Comment any suggestions below/ and [...]

Answering Transgender Questions

Today, I answer pretty interesting questions on being transgender and some of the differences with other gender identities. Subscribe for more videos Give a like. And be goofy and comment below! Patreon Page: Social Media: Instagram: @Brennankeaton Twitter: @Brennan_keaton