Blunt Broz

In a #Trannabis state of mind. #BluntBrozz is a #Cannapreneur + #Cannavist educator 4 LGB(T)Q+ 🌈💚@pridewellnessla 🌱 @mayhemandtoken 🌱 @teamvapexhale

Chief Stix – All Natural Hemp CDB

Chief Stix are amazing. I’m a little obsessed with them right now. These are small packs of 10 “stix”, which look like polished Cigarettes, but without any nicotine, addictive additives, or tobacco. The Cannabis Sativa plant has an often undetectable quantity of THC and these have zero. You’re not getting a psychoactive effect, but instead [...]

VLOG – The Return Uncensored

I get asked a lot about what I do with my time and how my health has been. Although I’m very open, that doesn’t mean that you tend to see absolutely everything. That said, with a lot of changes in my health, it feels like an important time to show how I get through a [...]

Blunt Broz CEO Speaks at Summer Blossom Pride Event

This year, I had the privilege of speaking on the LGBTQ+ communities history with cannabis, as well as acknowledging our present and inspiring towards our future. The Summer Blossom event was a Pride event powered by Little Face Events and took place on 6/30/18 at a speakeasy in Hollywood. Thank you so much to Ethan [...]

Happy 420!!!

We know we promised a big VapeXhale video and IT IS COMING! We got a bit sidetracked when we signed a lease today and let’s just say that wasn’t a simple task. It’s been an all hands on deck situation. Anyway, HAPPY 420!!! Nothing could keep us from celebrating this day and we’re so honored [...]

Join The #EVOlution IV:XX

2018 is well underway, we’re #EVOlving and we want you to come with us. Join us as we enter the #EVOlution! Don’t be scared, we’ll hold your hand and provide an indica for along the way 🙂

How To Make A Strawberry Bowl

We’re not your average broz and our cannabis consumption methods match that vibe. We’re beyond excited to premiere our first big The Weed Tube video, which will feature the most out-of-the-box way to medicate with cannabis! Hint: It also happens to be our favorite (COMING TO OUR CHANNEL SOON!). P.S. The kief used is from [...]