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Hemper New Year Unboxing!

My first Hemper box of the new year and the rig is HUGE, I didn’t expect this box to be as good as it was so I hope you all enjoy this video, be sure to get yourself a box too! Leave a comment below, follow me for more. Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed.
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Dizzle-Puffs!!!! First Go-pro sesh!

Hey guys! This one was a dope one, DIZZLE-PUFFS and my first video on go-pro and it went pretty well for how dark it was outside. I’m looking forward to all my videos being a ton better with quality, let me know what you thought below! Leave a like, sub for more. Everyone have a [...]
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Frostyyyyy! Hemper Unboxing. (SO LATE)

Hey everyone, another video I’m uploading super late, check out my last video to know why! This was the December Hemper box and it was so amazing, I had alot of fun in this video it was a real trippy time, so be sure to let me know what you think below! Thanks again for [...]
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My Channel Update & SnowStorm pt 2

Hey everyone, so my channel and all my videos have been really slow and out of order lately, I made this short video to explain why and update everyone a little bit on what I have going on and what I have planned to do soon! I’m working on catching everything up and making my [...]

The Giveaway Finals (drawing)

This is the video i made for my giveaway that ended yesterday. I announced the winners on Instagram, be sure check it out! This goes along with that post, I just toke up, draw the names from my fedora lol. I also talk a little about what I look forward to. I hope you all [...]
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New Year Giveaway!! (silenced hippie shoutout!)

Finally! It the new year and i decided now was the time to finally do my giveaway. Its a 5 winner giveaway and each person can enter two times! There is two methods and here’s how: On TheWeedTube: Watch this video, leave a like, comment “BXD Giveaway”, and subscribe to my channel. On Instagram: Like [...]
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Candy Cane Pipe

Hey guys! This is an unboxing from Hemper that I’m really excited to do. My 1st candy cane pipe. Thanks for watching! Stay blazed, Stay dazed. Follow me on Social Media: Instagram: BlazedxDazed369 Tumblr: BlazedxDazed Snapchat: Bzdazecarter90 Twitter: BlazedxDazed369
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Day 14 of Vlogmas! The Train Station.

Choo Choo! The Train has arrived at the station, today was my epic December Daily High Club unboxing and the collab was with one of my idols, Tommy Chong. I hope everyone enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching, and Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed. ~Headphones Recommended~ Follow me on Social Media: Instagram: BlazedxDazed369 Tumblr: BlazedxDazed Snapchat: [...]
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Vlogmas Day 13, Types of Bongs!

Today is Vlogmas day 13 and it’s not one of my best videos, but I gave my best description for types of bongs and which you should use, there’s quite a bit to this list and I was really tired before filming. I hope you enjoyed and got a little tips/help, thanks for watching! Say [...]