HEY GUYS 💚💚💚 Welcome to my Weedtube Channel, I'm so happy you're here! First and foremost you should all follow my Instagram and Snapchat for more posts and videos! My Instagram name is babyysmokes & my Snapchat is mickjagger_16 🙂 I also want to introduce myself: my name is babyysmokes but my real name is Mickey & I'm a barista in beautiful Colorado ⛰. On my channel I'll be making vlog style videos and doing smoke seshes with friends. I really want to show you guys some of the coolest places here in Denver so you'll also see videos of me doing some adventuring and smoking 😋 I love having a great time, love to laugh, and I hope you guys do too!! Thanks so much for visiting my channel, I hope you enjoy some of my videos and as always stay lifted 💨

Story time!! 💨💨💨

Hey guys thanks for joining me today!! So I’ve had a pretty crazy week; I got my car stolen Monday and I’m going to talk about it in the video while I smoke with you guys 💚 Subscribc if you like the video & wanna see more of my content and leave me a comment!! Insta: [...]

New pieces & Smoke Sesh :)

Hey guys, I’m Mickey or babyysmokes if you follow me on Instagram and this is my first Weedtube video! I am so excited to be joining this community and hope you guys enjoy a few bowls with Bre & I while we smoke out of some brand new pieces I bought this weekend 🙂 I’m [...]