Weed Trek


Weed Trek – Death Bubba

 We sample Death Bubba tonight, and get into mischief. Allo, Guvna! Please share us on Facebook and Twitter etc… we plainly don’t partake in those particular social networking pursuits. But you can help out the show by doing just that… let’s pull more people out of the Youtube ghetto and over here on theweedtube! and [...]

Weed Trek – Co2 Power (TNB Naturals Unboxing)

TNB Naturals need our help! Will we be able to save them from being attacked by our alternate selves? Join us on an action-packed adventure, AND an unboxing of TNB Naturals stuff-and-things. VIsit TNBnaturals.com to see their vast array of items geared for your personal gardens.

Weed Trek – My Bandana

Tonight we raise the standard for blind joint-rolling times. Do you like my new bandana? Think its phat? GUESS MY AGE! comment below. My favorite comment from our (now banned) Youtube channel was “that guy is going to die from cancer by the time he’s 30”

Weed Trek – THE MOVIE ???

Yes, thinking about it. Please comment your thoughts, we welcome ideas and input from the entire community. Part of my backstory: my future space-parents stole an old starship in the future and renovated it. They were thrown back in time and to earth, and imprisoned in a concentration camp for being crazy. I was born [...]

Weed Trek – TNB Naturals

TNB Naturals sends us a video transmission in the alternate universe. We cannot keep up to their superior Carbon Dioxide propulsion systems. Check them out at https://tnbnaturals.com We also have a challenger for joint rolling world record! We will bring you more information soon.