Weed Trek


Weed Trek 37 – Ruthless

Tonight’s sample strains are MK Ultra, Whitecastle, Tora Bora and Gorilla Glue #4. Don’t forget to visit weedtrek.ca and leave comments 🙂 Tonight’s show: The CERN particle accelerator has made a wormhole through which our alternate characters from the alternate universe have come through. Will we survive their ruthless onslaught of evil?

Weed Trek 35 – Takes One to Know One

Green Crack and godbud are tonight’s sample strains. The topic: if you want to use our content on your own personal website, please link back to our official site, not to Youtube please. If you don’t know how, just ASK FOR HELP. You need a basic understanding of HTML code to build websites, if you […]
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