I am a Lesbian a Mom, Grandmother, Peer Support Specialist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a State of Illinois Medical Cannabis card holder. Welcome to my journey through live as I learn to live with Chronic Pain, Sever health problems and the loss of my Eyesight. This channel is of an adult nature and contains information including medical cannabis. So, if you’re easily offended go stand in the corner and cry. Overly sensitive politically correct people need not apply. Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and The WeedTube @1lesbianstoner For Twitter @ Blindlesbian420

Illinois Recreational Cannabis

Now that IL will be adding  recreational cannabis in this interview find out what the current statuses is, in fact this is information our local news  doesn't have yet.<br><br>Now I did learn a valuable lesson when you were already high AF trying to conduct a serious interview and keep it on track not necessarily the easiest thing to do  but I did have a lot of fun and I hope you guys enjoy this. 

Blind Cannabis Grower

As many of you know I've gone back to growing cannabis again it's something my grandmother taught me how to do but then some people wonder how can someone blind grow cannabis completely on their own rope here's the first in a series to kind of give you guys an idea on how I make it worK.

My life with PTSD #15

Well here’s number 15 it’s getting pretty bad right now having a hard time functioning having a hard time just fighting to be engaged in life but for now I’ll smoke another bowl do a few more dabs and try again tomorrow and find some peace Be Blessed Stay Stoned I am a Lesbian a [...]

Blind Product Review Go-Bee by Bee-Nail

in my constant search for cannabis related products that even someone blind can use on their own in this video I am reviewing the Go-Bee Wax Vaporize by Bee-Nail. For this review I did something different generally I have it already opened and someone I know will have gone over it with me so that [...]

Homemade medicated hot cocoa the easy way

Here we go another episode of stone the blind cooking in this one actually homemade hot cocoa and of course we have to medicate it. Now as for making the homemade now as for making the homemade hot cocoa this is a recipe that is simple and absolutely delicious, and of course simply doubling or [...]

My Life With PTSD #14

Well here it is it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve recorded my life with PTSD to be honest I’m surprised I’ve survived well here it is it’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve recorded my life with PTSD to be honest I’m surprised I’ve survived this long and was actually able to [...]