I am a Lesbian a Mom, Grandmother, Peer Support Specialist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a State of Illinois Medical Cannabis card holder. Welcome to my journey through live as I learn to live with Chronic Pain, Sever health problems and the loss of my Eyesight. This channel is of an adult nature and contains information including medical cannabis. So, if you’re easily offended go stand in the corner and cry. Overly sensitive politically correct people need not apply. Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and The WeedTube @1lesbianstoner For Twitter @ Blindlesbian420

Cyclon Clear Prerolled Cone

While this is not a product I would normally buy I mean the whole novelty of a Cone that's clear well of course someone like me who is blind the whole idea is lost but I was at my local head shop purchased a huge assortment of Cyclone flavored tobacco prerolled blunt cones and they threw a couple of these clear ones as a sample.

Q & A about being blind

People have asked me quite a few questions and the past three years about what it's like being blind well and his video I trying to answer many of those questions, if I missed something if you have a question feel free to ask.

Superglue Flower Review

Here's another hybrid superglue flower, only the strain reacted badly with my PTSD and panic disorder I had to stop filming early because I wound up having very severe panic attack that lasted more than 3 hours.

My Life With PTSD Week 13

I know I was supposed to post this I must two weeks ago but I had to take a break for a week it just got hard really fast even this video I filmed it this morning and I almost deleted it instead of posting but I did say I would keep it real even […]

Gobbstopper Flower Review

Here we go people my number one favorite strain gobstopper this is one of five strains that I have had success with treating not just my PTSD but also anxiety disorder, chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy even flashbacks, as a lot of you know when it comes to treating health issues with cannabis it’s very tricky with hundreds of strains and thousands of Turpines the search can be pretty crazy you add that on top of the fact that we are at the mercy of growers and dispensaries to keep those items in stock .

Bio Jesus Flower Review

Bio Jesus is one of my top 5 favorite strains it's one of the few that actually help PTSD, pain, panic disorder, depression, anxiety in fact it's one of the few that has actually helped me pull out of a severe flashback when used as symptoms first start just before I disassociate,