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OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS!!! We did it! We hit 5,000 subscribers!!! Thank you guys all SO MUCH!!! I am so incredibly grateful. Can’t wait to see what we do next πŸ™‚

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  1. I would love a tattoo tour!! Also, from what you said in the beginning of the video, we do love you and support you and I honestly look up to you so much and consider you a friend. Even if we don’t know each other personally, I relate to you and understand you so much! You are seriously such an incredible human being and your soul and aura is so unbelievably bright, you have no idea! Everything about you makes me smile and laugh and I appreciate the fuck out of you! β€πŸ’•β€ Congrats on 5k subscribers!! Tons of love ❀

  2. Idk why but every time I open a weedtube video, my first thought is always that the video player seems like higher quality than youtube…is that weird…is it even accurate. Only downside is that my laptop’s fan or whatever starts getting really loud sometimes when loading a video, etc. Anyways, keep making great content dude!

  3. Please do a tattoo tour! As someone who genuinely loves you, I’d love to know what was important enough to your heart to keep on your body forever <3 to lengthen you can talk about tattoos you aspire to get or even tattoos you’ve thought of getting.

  4. My friend just tried to cut me out of his life and then tried to say he was sorry and wanted things to go back to normal and I have a headache from crying. I hope you’re having a better day than I am. Love you Arend ❀❀

  5. Watched the YouTube video earlier for my last sesh and now this one for my current sesh, I’ve been watching for almost 3 years now I believe and as a huge fan and follower of your content I’m so happy that all of this is happening for not only you but the creator industry for canon is and I’m so happy the sites slowly progressing in to such an amazing thing. I truly appreciate all of the videos you post and the time you put in to them, because they’re exactly what i love to watch when I’m feeling down or lonely. My life’s not the easiest with my current living situation and the way it’s going along with my depression, but your videos always seem to lighten up my mood and make me feel better for at least a short while, while I sesh and get lost in to the videos. You’re seriously my favorite content creator on any platform and your videos have been such a heavy pushing force in making me realize that it can get better and life has more opportunities, I just have to wait for them. You’re honestly my biggest idol, and I’m enthralled with all that you do. I truly hope I can meet you one day and sesh, Would be a huge dream come true. Congrats on 5k and here’s too 100k more!!!

  6. I love how you answered yourself in the future: your ig story when you were getting your laundry you talked about the 8 min story and said something like you’ll see just watch, and here in this video you said, see what I mean about the 8 min story? But in real time filming your laundry went off right? 0.o
    Love these and the whole vlog style, and love you!

  7. I finally made the jump from youtube to here after beinh subscribed to you there for about a year. Love the videos! Keep it up 🀟🏻
    Btw thinking of making a channel around military stuff/ anime/ games. All with cannabis of course! Dunno if that niche is already full or if anyone would even want that kinda content..

  8. You inspire me to be the best cannabis activist I can be! And one day I’m going smoke my first ever legal joint in my country, and I’m going to buy it with money that I will earn from my job in cannabis, and I’ll think about you Arend, and thank you for helping me get there πŸ’šπŸ’š


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