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Hey buds! I know you guys have patiently been waiting for this video and here it is! Make sure you watch part one on my Youtube Channel. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE CONSUME 1000MG – I WAS WRECKED. ButI l lived. Hahaha honestly soo so so rough but hey, good footage, I hope you guys enjoy! Happy holidays!

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  1. I usually will do 1000mg (1g) edibles a few times a month i start off with 50mg and once its kicks in I’ll do the other 50 to extend everything I dont reckamend it for everyone just keep yourself safe and know your limits

    1. Of course voice to text and screen readers screwed up when I was trying to say but I’m sure most of you knew that was supposed to be 500 mg and then another 500 mg for those of you who don’t know what a screen reader and voice to text is

  2. I think the most I’ve taken of kushypunch is 50 mg when I would buy the squares that had just 4 servings. I guess CA is helping microdose with the new packaging. They are the most delicious gummies out there though! And korova the best cookies

  3. Mac is FUNNY AS SHIT! Loved this video. I’ve been watching you get STUPID FRIED for several years now, probably since my junior year of high school. IDK how the fuck you handled a 1000mg edible high. I can get pretty fucking high with just 5mg! The feeling of a 1000mg definitely goes beyond my comprehension. Couldn’t even imagine doing that much. STAY LITTTT!!!!!


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