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The homies and I go to the Shatter Shot Sesh (Session) and enjoy some great deals on some cannabis products! I picked up some THC syrup and an eighth of Peanut Butter Breathe. Song 1: Song 2: Song 3: Social Media:

Hades Showerhead Perc Bong

available here: 💥$49 with free shipping💥 This 13” coiled showerhead perc bong is made with thick glass. The coiled tube is designed for a long travelling before smoke reaching to the showerhead perc. This Bong comes with 18mm male joint bowl .Check out the video and see how Hades functions powerfully. Specification: 1.Joint:18mm Female 2.Height:13 inches/33 cm 3.Bowl Included 4.Showerhead Perc 5.Coil Tube Design 7.Flared Mouthpiece 8.SmokeWeapon Glass

Twaxed Cross Joint

Have you ever smoked something like this before? Whats the craziest bowl, joint, blunt you ever smoked? What should I do next?! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Thanks and much love fam

OpenVape Review

Openvape manufactures and distributes personal vaporizer devices for use with herbal extract oil-filled cartridges. Thiswas my first Full Spectrum oil cartridge and I was nothing but satisfied, Check it out for yourself 🙂

Four20 Friends: Vendor at Blacklist

This past weekend Me and Still Only Human got our own booth at Blacklist sesh. There were some small complications when we got there but overall it was a great experience, especially as a first time “vendor” even if it was at a local sesh. I also wanna give a shout out to the lil […]

Adventure Time

A festival didn’t happen so we went on an edible brownie journey with a couple joints to go along!!!!!

Nugs of Knowledge EP.1

On the very first episode of Nugs of Knowledge, Angela shares with you the number one secret to being cool and getting people to like you. Just be yourself! As long as yourself isn’t a huge douche. “Mandeville” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

Weed Trek s2e04 – Trigger Words

Join Captain Aaron on an interstellar smoke sesh. Why have some words become so offensive? The New World Order seems to think it is useful for world domination. Let’s sample two types of Purple Kush! That’ll fix it. #rollwars

ROAST MARY (Giveaway)

ROAST MARY That’s right. You are invited to send in a 30 second to 1 minute clip roasting Mary. These clips will be put together and a with the resulting video we will pick one winner. The winner prize will be custom to their wants and needs. Please submit all clips to @marylovesglass [email protected] Facebook […]


Just a stay at home mom trying to gain my sanity back…by possibly hotboxing my car… I am really excited for this video! The smoking scenes feature MY music back in 2011!!!!