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A Couple Sunburn Shatter Dabs

This is just a few dabs out of my small slime rig and double walled banger. Here is my Youtube channel where I do gaming stuff and motovlogs:

Zeus Stacked UFO Perc Beaker Bong

available here: This straight tube beaker bong is one of SmokeWeapon’s top sellers. Together with three small UFO percs in the base chamber and a big UFO perc in the middle chamber, this bong creates a huge amount filtration to give user a flavorful and smooth smoke. The thick glass and sturdy base guarantee this […]

Take a Hike on the Wildside

Take a hike on the Wildside with Green Revolution’s new cannabis beverages! I’m always on the trails, so these drinks make it easy to stay high and hydrated. This trail is one of my favorites — the lush, cool, Boulder River Falls. Read more about this hike on my blog at If you like […]

How to Roll a Rose Petal Blunt With Kitty Kates

Everyone shoot @kitty.kates710 a follow! This was totally her video, i was just there to take dabs XD She goes over how she rolls her rose petal blunts and a few of the most common questions she gets about them. I hope you all enjoy!

Smoke sesh ~ FADED TV

In this video i packed a bowl in my rasta Sherlock and my 10inch matrix bong and i just talked about some stoner things, if you enjoy this please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if your not already. As always stick to the hustle and stay motivated ✌

Happy Trails Ep 2 – Point Sal Trail

Episode 2 of my Happy Trails series. Featuring my long time friend @taco_del_Mer and the scenic Point Sal Trail. This video is a little longer than my first, and likely this is about how long each of these videos will be. Thanks for watching, liking, and subscribing!!! Music: Always Dreaming – Same Town Forever Garret […]


This video was taken about 1 month before I started TWT. It’s a lil clip into my personal life. Enjoy

First timer

Bongloads an watching oitnb.I know I need to speak new at this but I sure can smoke lol

PTSD V-Blog Week 6

Here goes week 6 of my video blog about living with PTSD and treating it with cannabis. Be Blessed Stay Stoned I am a Lesbian a Mom, Grandmother, Peer Support Specialist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a State of Illinois Medical Cannabis card holder. Welcome to my journey through live as I learn to live with […]


This was my first time trying a live resin cartridge and it was an alright experience. The vapor production was lacking and I generally like cartridges that hit like a bus! It still wasn’t bad but there are many other cartridges that are cheaper that are better. Song: Social Media:

Car baking pt.1 (not spons)

Can you guess as to why this video is “(not spons)” Make sure you’re Subscribed to stay updated! Follow our social for daily updates! 2BlessedFriends- April- Alex-


This battery is amazing! I use it everyday and works like a charm with whatever cartridge I use on it. Hope you guys can understand the lack of videos, I still have many of them to edit so please be patient! Website: Song: Social Media:
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