The REAL Reason I Smoke Weed!?! – Stoned Alone Film 4k

Because weed is incredible! I talk briefly about how I got into it, and what has kept me sticking with this miraculous plant.

For more of an in-depth and uncut talk about this, check out my last Inane podcast!


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StonedAlone One of the first weedtubers deleted off of YouTube for cannabis content! Vlogs, Seshes, Potcasts and Films all in 4k Smokin Doobies, Makin Movies, and Travel

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  1. I love everything about your videos. I love how they are edited and put together. They physically give me goosebumps every time I watch one. Keep up what you are doing Tim because it is fucking amaze balls!!!

  2. awesome video dude, loved the montage too.. ‘because i never want to sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff’.. i filmed a video on why i smoke once i saw arends video but the file got corrupted so i have to re-film soon(: also thanks for the follow on ig! much love

  3. Ditto ditto <<3 you are a big inspiration! <3 My vid is coming soooon!!=D #StayLifted #NotAddictive #MiraculousPlant #TheMoreYouKnow #PositiveVibes #Tbreak #EndocannabinoidSystem #ThatsJustHowItIs #WackyTobaccyMakestheLungsGoHacky #OurCreatorsLaw #GreenIsGood #TruthLove&Light #BlazeOn <333


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