How To Make A Strawberry Bowl

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We’re not your average broz and our cannabis consumption methods match that vibe. We’re beyond excited to premiere our first big The Weed Tube video, which will feature the most out-of-the-box way to medicate with cannabis! Hint: It also happens to be our favorite (COMING TO OUR CHANNEL SOON!). P.S. The kief used is from Nameless Genetics blueprint strain, which is an incredible indica. Did we mention the SharpStone grinder we use has a few chambers, so that’s not even all of it. Shout out to Mentally Restarted on SoundCloud for this awesome Strawberry Fields Forever remix! 😍😍🍓🍓

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Blunt Broz #Trannabis state of mind #BluntBrozz are #Cannavists educators & influencers 4 LGB(T)QAI+ fam. Patients are #1 DM to sponsor or book. Pass to the ⬅️

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