Extravaganja 2018! (vlog)

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This video is intended for legal cannabis patients & adults.
Legal Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Patient covered by R21-28.6-MMP
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  1. Aawww Sasha, you hit the nail on the head with just have fun and enjoy the process and good content happens! we love you and support you and know you’re going thru so much right now, but this vlog was great! thanks for uplaoding it here šŸ™‚ much peace and love!!

  2. Hi Sasha, so bummed that you and other youtubers were deleted, sooo happy to have found you on here. Love your vlogs and your nature sesh outings. Hope to see more vlogs etc šŸ˜Š

  3. SASHAAAA!!! So happy to see you’re still posting! I was so down about your channel cause I didn’t know where I would keep up with your content (I’m not much of a social media person) but I’m so excited to see you come here. PLEASE keep up the vlogs and whatever else your precious heart decides to upload. I can’t wait to see you grow beyond your expectations!!

  4. Sasha, I’m so happy to see you posting here and really hope you don’t stop! Fuck youtube, your content is amazing and filled with life, it deserves to be seen by everyone. I wish to you the best of luck, and keep snatching them wigs sister!!!!!!!

  5. hey sasha! so stoked to have you active on the weedtube again!! im trying to build my tolerance up with dabs too. im new to concentrates, medical marijuana in general, actually. within the past three months or so. i actually just invested in my first legit concentrate vape (prohibited 5th degree) it does both dabs and flower šŸ™‚ im sooooo excited.
    love smoking along to your vids! thanks for reuploading all your old ones to vimeo as well, and for streaming regularly on twitch! you bring a splash a much needed positivity, and it makes me feel like less of a loner lol. i appreciate you <3


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