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Plug n Play: God of War 4 – Wrath of Atreus

After obtaining the light and opening the door, Atreus and Kratos must once again go below the Lake of Light into the cavern below but it is much darker than before. At the end of a fierce battle, the Light shines above and shows a hidden wrath that Atreus holds within.

First Video/Giveaway package for you guys!

Hi guys I am @purple_sqerrl and currently I’m putting together a giveaway for my followers because I want to bring awareness to some amazing brands. These brands are all going to be owned by women and some will have a focus on the cannabis industry. Please feel free to check out my IG where I […]

Plug n Play: God of War 4 – Step Away from The Light

After facing countless Dark elves, we finally reach the light. Atreus again hears many voices and one very familiar. As Kratos steps in, he is shown past events and is almost reunited with whom he lost until being forced to continue his quest unaware of how much he missed in such a short amount of […]
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