I am a Canadian cannabis product reviewer reviewing products online since 2014. I do 1 - 2 cannabis tours of California a year and a few festival trips. Currently I look at all things cannabis.... vaporizers, edibles, flowers, online dispensaries. If it\'s cannabis related, I\'m interested!!

Sutra Selfie $20 Auto Draw Concentrate Vape

Hey Everybody! Today we are taking a look at a new lightweight auto draw concentrate vape… the Sutra Selfie! First things first…. this is NOT your answer to your new daily driver. In fact, I’d almost go so far as to say that this somewhat disposable in that if you loose it camping or at […]

G-Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody! I am back with another vaporizer review and this time we are looking at the G-Pen Elite from Grenco Science. Mine was sent to me courtesy of kingpenvapes.com Grenco is an interesting company… they have been around for several years and have done a ton of branding collaborations, most notably with Snoop Dogg […]

Candy Bags Extras from Treat Leaf Edibles

Hi Folks!! Today we are taking a second look at Treat Leaf Edibles and their insanely popular Candy Bags! This time around we testing out the EXTRA version! The original Candy Bags are 40mg a piece and I had three of them in my last video! If you recall…. these bad boys had me on […]

Mango Space Bears from Archaic Creationz

Today we are taking a second look at Archaic Creationz. In my first video I had the Oh Hippy Bar and Double Chocolate Birthday Cake Fudge and I was impressed by both! I’ve even had a second Oh Hippy since then and loved it just as much! In this video we are going gummy with […]

250mg Madagascar Brownie from York’s Edibles

Hey Everybody!!  Picked up another great product from York’s Edibles… the Madagascar Brownie!!  Really impressed with the whole York’s product line, if you haven’t seen any of my other reviews for them do yourself a favour and check them out!! This Madagascar Brownie clocks in at 250mg of THC and is infused with canna butter, […]

Pulsar Go! $30 Thick Oil Vape

Hi Folks!  Today we are looking at the second vaporizer in the Pulsar Go Series of vapes… this is the thick oil vape, perfect for things like distillate, old school cherry oil or any thicker liquid concentrate.  Best part?  This vape sells for less than $30!! Let me get this out of the way first… […]

Exotic Leaf Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hey Everybody!! If you are into edibles or infused dining then you are going to want to pay attention to this! Exotic Leaf Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing product that will turn you into a certified canna-chef in seconds! Or if you don’t want to get that fancy, it’s an easy […]

The Infinity Blunt (March 2017)

Hey Everybody!  Have I got a treat for you today!  The Infinity Blunt!  What is the Infinity Blunt, you ask?  Well it is a new cannabis smoking device that is a cross between a pipe and a blunt and I love it! The Infinity Blunt is both simple and genius.  The simplicity is in its […]
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